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Be Part of Empowering Communities.

Where you can become a part of the lives of the people that you help!

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Collecting Empty Bottles and Cans To Raise Funds

I'm Funding Direct now has a scheme ID for Containers for Change C10799479. What is more exciting is that you can now have your own app on your phone and nominate I'm Funding Direct as your preferred charity. If you live in certain suburbs you can also have your cans and bottles collected free of charge and the money collected goes to those that need it.


Saving bottles helped build the families' house

For more information about how you can download the Containers for app and to see if you can have you qualify to receive free collection click here.

We Are Expanding Our Efforts


Meet Our Sponsors Helping Us Fund Direct


What's unique about us:

I'm Funding Direct is a Registered Charity ABN: 46 406 682 547


  • Choose families or 

         individuals to help from the list of       

         potential individuals and families in

         honest need.

  • Send us a message

  •  We will then assist you with  the process of reaching out to them.

  • How to participate:

Mission Statement

The company's objective is to pursue the following purpose (s) :

Provide people with small capital funding, resources, and/or access to education, both locally and internationally, to:

           (i)  assist in the relief of poverty;

           (ii)  provide innovative financial solution to empower people;

           (iii)  enable people to build and maintain their own self-sustainable businesses;

           (iv)  give people the tools to break free from the poverty cycle;

           (v)  providing services, resources and encouragement that equip families and communities for better economic prospects, new futures, new hope and dignity;

           (vi)  advance education by providing life-skills to people from disadvantaged backgrounds;

           (vii)  educate people about the benefits of these objectives;

          (viii)  assist any ancillary causes, movements, affiliations, partnerships, community activities,  which has similar views and objectives.

Project Candles For Ana

These lovely children in Australia are raising funds by making candles. They do this to help Anna have a better future.

Doing A Charity Dinner To Raise Funds


The money raised helped the street children's families have their own business.


We give people businesses to EMPOWER them!

We give people businesses to EMPOWER them!


You have the opportunity to sponsor them DIRECTLY!

I'm Funding Direct at a Glance

I'm Funding Direct started with a desire to help others in need by empowering them to be self reliant. It is a fundamental desire of the the founders, Lynette and Cathy, that all people deserve a chance to succeed.
Our small yet fully committed team will help you to assist others through your kind donations.


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"Receiving help from the charity was a BIG change in our life. I can now earn something everyday. 

I just want to say a big THANK YOU to I'm Funding Direct!"

- Josephine

"Thank you to the donors. I'm really grateful for your help, especially in these very hard times. It's difficult to raise children as a solo parent and now there's a pandemic on top of that. I'm really grateful that you helped me."

- Julius

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"We just want to thank everyone who donated because now we have a pump boat that we can call our own. Hope you can help more people that are in need just like us."

- Queenie

Testimonials anchor

"For the first time Since 2010 my Mother was able to go outside the house and that is because of the wheelchair that the charity provided for us. There is a big difference now.

Also, thank you SO MUCH for fixing our house, we can now sleep comfortably in our home.

Thank you and God bless you!"


- Amelia & Marjorie


"I want to thank this charity (I'm Funding Direct), and everyone who helped. This is a big support to our family. I will work hard to grow this business that you funded me start. I will not waste this help that you have given me."

- Manilyn

"This new store and the capital that the charity provided is truly a blessing for us. I am now capable of supporting my seven children and become independent. I have been praying to receive this kind of help and now I have it. Thank you so much!"

- Cita


Contact I'm Funding Direct

Thanks for submitting!


I am very happy about this opportunity to start my own chicken business. I will work hard to grow this business. Thank you for everything! We are so happy that we can now have a means of income. - Chonna

I wanna thank you, thank you for helping me because I was really struggling, I can't even buy rice. When I go and sell candles I don't sell anything. I am really grateful, this new sari-sari store business will solve my problems. - Nida


We wanna thank I'm Funding Direct  for helping our mom. We will help our mom grow this business that you have given us. - Nida's daughter


Thank you our store is finally open! Hoping to keep this momentum and flourish, this newly-opened store. This will help us a lot. Thank you I'm Funding Direct! - Jenny, Ken's mom

I am very happy. - Ken

We are excited to finally have this business that we have been dreaming to have. We will grow this snacks and barbecue business. Thank you so much I'm Funding Direct.

- Ruffa and Cesar


Thank you to all the people who extend their hands to support and continue my ice cream business. Especially to I’m Funding Direct for being the instrument to this blessing.

- Angelo

I am forever grateful for everyone who helps me and hope for the best for me and my children. Because of I’m Funding Direct, the generous people are able to help me with my fish business and my children’s needs.

- Aileen

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