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Meet Ana and her story...

"I hope we can get out of these struggles, this poverty," says Anna, a young girl who sells candles for a living to assist her sickly mother. She dreams could have an income that would be enough for their daily needs. She added that she's hoping she could provide the daily medicine that her mother needs. She is an inspiration to all kids out there. When we learned her story, our hearts wept and felt this compassion towards the child.

Do You remember Ana? We were able to meet her mom. She is in poor health condition but still striving to provide for her family. The only she can do is to make the candles so that Ana can sell them, though she worries a lot about Ana selling in the streets which causes her stress. 

This is a shortened version of Ana's story. How we found her, how we met her mom and found out the reasons why she is selling candles in the street. This is in connection to the fundraising for Ana which is the making of candles and selling them.

These children understand Ana's situation and want to help. They are making these candles and sells them. The money raised will go directly to helping Ana. There is no specific price for these candles, whatever amount of money people want to donate. It will help a lot.

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