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The warm story of the ice cream vendor, Mang Amang, all started when the pandemic and mandatory quarantine started. Since no one was ready due to its sudden occurrence, he and his wife had to carry the constant worry and fear of not being able to provide food to their table for their children to eat every single day because he can't sell ice cream on the street. Aside from losing his capital on his ice cream business, the overwhelming amount of their loans which got bigger as COVID-19 lockdown months passed added to his family's problems. To learn more about Angelo click and watch the video above.

Mang amang's story is an inspiring one which reflects the quote that says, "there is a rainbow after a rain." Truly, life will throw challenges to us, but those challenges does not mean an immediate ending of our story. There will always a way for us to be found by good people who will be the reason for us to get up and learn to dance under the rain.

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