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Meet Amalia and her story...

Amalia had a stroke 10 years ago and lost the ability to speak or even feed herself. She does not even have a comfortable bed to lie on. Sadly  the house she lives in is a little more than a hovel.

Through the kind-hearted donors, we were able to assist Amalia. That act of kindness changed her whole life! From being stuck in her room for 10 years to being able to go out, feeling the fresh air, and having that new hope. 

After a few months, we visited again Amalia and Marjorie. This is the culture that we are trying to cultivate within our organization, to keep fellowshipping and checking up with the people that received help. 

We also checked on the business that we provided and how it's helping them in their day-to-day needs. It's exciting to see the growth! 

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