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Our Projects

The Focus of Our Efforts

Another exciting project for the Campos family! But first, have you considered being in a situation where you don't have your toilet in the place you're living? That is challenging! Once again, I'm Funding Direct acted on the need to get this family their toilet. With the team's effort to raise funds, combined with donations from our loving donors, we bought the needed materials to build this necessity. 

We are working at everything that we can to raise funds for the needy. We gathered together to clean the house of our dear friend. And it was so much fun! You can too! You can go out with your friends, create a project and help someone. Isn't it amazing? We assure you that the best part of this is seeing someone's life change because of you. 

Meet Benedict. He is one of the many children who currently sell candles in the streets. As young as Benedict, he sells candles so that their family will have something to eat each day. We want to empower Benedict and his family so that he will have a normal childhood and get him out of the dangers in the streets. 

At a very young age, these young girls are selling candles as their means of income for their family needs. These girls have dreamed of a better future despite the hardships they are facing. We have created this project intending to assist the street children who are selling candles in the street. Empower their family so they won't have to take the risk and dangers that they may encounter in the streets.

The challenge that we are inviting people to take is what we call the #imfundingdirect challenge. The amount of money you donate will be directly given to those you want to help. A lot of people take on the challenge in many different ways. Some are doing garage sales and donate an amount of money. You can contact us and send your video so that others can see how you take on the challenge. Many people are responding to the challenge to help. It doesn't have to be that much, even secondhand things will mean a lot. These people would be so happy to receive these things knowing that someone cared and helped.

Sending charity boxes to the families, kids, and parents in the Philippines, we have seen the need and acted on it. These boxes contain some dry goods like clothing, toys, homeware, etc. We are currently sending out these boxes by batch. So if you want to add the volume of these boxes, please send us a message. We are happy to assist you with that. The small efforts we have could change the whole world of the person that we are extending. That is our vision. We invite you to be a part of it!

Candle making. We are starting this project to engage our children to help other kids that are in need. We are currently focusing right now to the children who are selling candles on the streets in the Philippines. The plan is we make candles and sell them. The funds that we will be getting will be donated directly to those kids and empower their parents to have the means to find a source of income. So the kids won't have to take the risk, go out to the streets and sell these candles. You can play a big part in their lives as well in this effort. Every effort counts.

One of those people that we are currently assisting is a 12-year-old girl named Anna. At a young age, she takes the risk of selling candles in the streets. Not because she wants to, but she has to because of the current situation that she is in right now. Her mother is asthmatic, unable to work and provide for the family. Anna now took the responsibility to provide food on their table and buy the needed daily medicines for her mother. So we are humbly knocking on your hearts to assist Anna in finding a suitable source of income and make her burdens lighter.

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