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Meet Ruffa and Cesar...

A couple that still smiles despite the struggles that they are currently facing. Most people of their age are reducing their work loads and should have a lot less to worry about in life. That is not the case with Ruffa and Cesar. They are doing more heavy work  than they should and on top of that, they do not even have a proper  home to go to after a long day of work.

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Meet Chonna...

Chonna lost her husband 2 years ago and  has to face life on her own as a single parent to her kids. Learn more about Chonna and what she is willing to do for her big family and what help we would like to extend to empower her to a brighter future.

Meet Luzminda...

Because of the pandemic which affected her husband's work.  Sadly it's only a matter of time until they won't have a house where they can call their home

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Meet Julius with the loves of his life, his 3 daughters...

Julius is a single dad trying to provide for his family. He struggles to make ends meet with debts he has to pay.  Kind-hearted donors have helped Julius pay off his debts so now we have the task of  focus ing on earning to build a better future for him and his family.

Meet Amalia...

Amalia had a stroke 10 years ago and lost the ability to speak or even feed herself. She does not even have a comfortable bed to lie on. Sadly  the house she lives in is a little more than a hovel. What can we do to help her?


Meet Josephine...

Josephine is a widowed mother trying to provide for her family. Every day is a struggle for her, but with the help of the founders of the charity she has put up her sari-sari store again. Josephine was able to start her own business and at the same time take care of her kids. Her house is not in good condition and still needs help. Know more about Josephine and see what more you can do to help her on this journey.

Meet Queenie...

It's hard to make ends meet and every day can be a struggle to put food on the table. This is what  Queenie's struggle is right now. Through some kind-hearted sponsors, we were able to assist Quennie by providing a pump boat for fishing. Learn more about Queenie to see what assistance we can provide for her and her family.


Meet Angelita...

Angelita's husband had a stroke and she is now struggling to give her family their basic daily needs.  Although her daughter is earning  there is not enough.  Because of her donors and founders of the I'M FUNDING DIRECT charity, Angelita has started her own business. 

Meet Crispola...

Another struggling family. Crispola is a single mom and has a son with special learning needs. Every day is a struggle for her. Through the donors and the charity, we have to empower Crispola  by providing capital for a business  to sell vegetables to her local neighborhood. Know more about her to know how you can assist her more.


Meet the Bactong family...

The Bactong family lives in a very poor state with little or no income. Currently their minimal source of income is a bicycle connected to a sidecar that the father pedals to transport people. We found out that the bicycle is in a really bad state and needs our assistance.

Meet Maria...

A solo parent who struggles to provide for the needs of her six kids with her income as a balut (boiled duck eggs)vendor at night.  No matter how hard she works its just not enough. Look closer into her life and see what we can do to assist her.


Meet Anna...

"I hope we can get out of these struggles, this poverty," says Anna, a young girl who sells candles for a living to assist her sickly mother. She dreams could have an income that would be enough for their daily needs. She added that she's hoping she could provide the daily medicine that her mother needs. She is an inspiration to all kids out there. When we learned her story, our hearts wept and felt this compassion towards the child.

Meet Ken...

 Ken is one of those children selling candles in the streets.  He sells candles to help his mom. Life is hard, says Ken. At a very young age, Ken understands that life is hard and he understands the value of hardwork. He wants to be successful in his studies so he can have a better future. He is an inspiration of hope and determination to all of us. Know Ken's story and let us help him have a better future.


Meet Benedict...

Benedict came from a family of candle-seller. Both his parents and his sister sell candles at the cathedral.  I started selling candles at the age of 8, says Benedict.

I am  selling candles because of our poverty, at least it can add up to our income so we can buy food and rice, he added. Benedict's mom wants him to finish his studies so he can make his way out of poverty. Learn more of Benedict's story and find out how we can help him.

Meet Reynold

"I started selling candles at the age of 4". Both Reynold's parents sell candles and toys. For Reynold life in the streets is not easy but is now used to selling candles. When there's no classes Reynold will be in the street selling candles because he wants to help his family. He wants to be a policeman when he grow up, but for now he needs things for his school and studies. Let's help Reynold.


Meet Nino

Nino is the youngest among his friends who sells candles in the park. For him it's not easy to sell candles but he still does it so they can buy food and rice. The hardest is when there's not a lot of people in the park making it hard for them to have a daily income. Let us look into how Nino is working hard each day to sell candles and how to help him. 

Meet Cita and the Mandoñahan Family

Her husband can earn $8 a day if he can find work. Even before the pandemic, the husband's income is already not consistent. Right now, Lucy can earn an additional $6 a day through her small store, washing her neighbor's clothes, and cutting grasses. It was already hard for Lucy and her husband to sustain their family. Right now they are really struggling. 


Meet the Panuncialman Family


We responded to the call of this family when their house was wrecked by the typhoon Odette that hit the area in the Philippines.  Learn more of this family's story.


Meet Eleonor...


          Eleonor and  her family is living under a bridge for 7 years with no light and comfortable bed. They gather up woods as their only source of income. It was as if impossible for them to make ends meet but they are thriving each day to survive. Let's help this family.

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