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Our Success

Through our hard work and the kind donations of our sponsors, we became an instrument in extending assistance to these people.

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A lot of effort and time were put into filling up boxes to be sent out to the families in need.  Many people were involved as they look through their pre-loved stuff and put them together in these boxes. I'm Funding Direct with the help of generous people, we were able to send these boxes in the families in the Philippines. The families were overjoyed to receive them. It was the thought and the care of those people who contributed that made these families' hearts swell.

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The team did a Garage Sale and the funds raised helped families in need have their own business. Specifically, Queenie's family, a family without any means of income because they were affected by the pandemic. We were able to give them their own fishing business.  2 more families were given a business from this. We will continue to do fun and engaging activities in order to raise funds to help more families in need. 

We were thinking about the street children selling candles and how we can help them. The team took this opportunity to clean a whole house before the new owners move in. The team got paid and used it to help each streetchild. Four young boys' families were given businesses, 400 AUD each and got their new bikes. The families are so thankful. 

Ana is a 12-year old girl that we found in the park selling candles. Her mom is in poor health condition that is why she is selling candles for her mom's  medicine and their food. It was heart-breaking to know their situation. We are glad we found them. For now, we are helping them get a new house from a free-housing that they have to volunteer and clean every week. While waiting to get the house, we got them a small dried fish business to help them with their needs. They are happier now and look forward to start a new life when they get the house.

Nida is one of those people striving each day to earn  to have the basic necessities of life. She is selling candles in the cathedral, even with that there are days where she can't even afford to buy a kilo of rice. I'm Funding Direct with the kind donations of generous people, has  given her a new sari-sari store business together with her candle business. She was teary as she was saying thank you to all those who took part in helping her.


Through the donations that were given by our kind-hearted supports, we accumulated sufficient cash to purchase a pump watercraft (a little angling vessel) for Queenie. They can utilize this to extend their source of pay and inevitably give for their essential needs. They offer their appreciation to those who put within the exertion and give up to assist them.

Julius was battling with life being a solo parent to his two girls. What made it indeed more troublesome was the obligation that he had to pay. Kind-hearted benefactors made a difference Julius pay off his obligations so he can presently center on winning for his family. He too, gotten sufficient capital for his kakanin (rice cake) trade. Presently, Julius is centering all his endeavors on giving for his family without the stress of obligations any longer.

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Josephine, a widowed mother attempting to give for her family. Every day may be a battle for her. But with the assistance of I'm Funding Direct, she was able to begin her sari-sari store once more. She is presently able to require care of her commerce and at the same time see after her children. Her house isn't in great condition and will still require advance offer assistance.

Crispola received assistance from our donors with the capital to start her own business. Now, she sells vegetables and meat in their local area. As a single parent, Crispola now has the means to provide for her family. She can now sustain a better future for her children.


To Cita, a comfortable house is only a dream, until she met us and her life changed. She received assistance through our kind-hearted donors and was able to fix her house and renovate her store. She even received extra capital for her business. 

Losing a husband is very difficult for Chonna. Even life before was not easy, finding herself alone as she tries to raise her 5 children, everyday is a struggle. She couldn't be more grateful that I'm Funding Direct found her. An additional income is what they need. They are grateful to have their own chicken business. Finally something to get income from.


I'm Funding Direct wanted to reach out to children. Especially children trying to make a living in the streets. These kids at a very young age are selling candles. They understand that they need to help their parents.  We discussed with their parents how it is not safe for their child out there and they agreed. Now each streetchild's family have their own business to keep these children out from the dangers in the streets.

With the funds raised to help street children, Reynold's family got a business that would triple their family's income. It is a huge help to them. They are so grateful to have this toy business that they have been longed to have. At the same time Reynold can now focus on his studies and enjoy his childhood.


Just look how happy they are! This is Ken's family, who is also a candle seller. We got them a new sari-sari store business and a refrigerator. All the funds raised go directly to families in need like them. 

Benedict is very hardworking when he sells candles but he is now saying goodbye to street life with his family's new additional business.  The funds raised got them a native fan business and additional sack of candle wax. While the rest of the family is doing the business, Benedict can focus on his studies and enjoy his childhood with his new bicycle.


Nino is the youngest of the four street children but he is killing it when it comes to selling candles. But just like the rest, he is going to focus now on his studies and enjoy his children. The funds raised got him a new bike to enjoy and a character balloon business for his family. This business would double their income. A big help for Nino's family.

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